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I had to give up work due to health reasons  I needed to do something so I opened

 my Etsy store in 2016

 after creating a few digital files for myself,  as I always had a  passion for digital Art.

 So after  many hours of just playing with different images Artymaze was born. 

I couldn't leave it there as I also need to create with my hands,  I have made jewellery, handmade cards and Mini Albums.  So whilst viewing on youtube I kept seeing junk journals,  that was it I was hooked on this wonderful hobby .

Never did I think I would get to the stage of needing a website, to this day I still can't believe how far I have come. 

I owe my Thanks to the Junk journaling community for helping me achieve my dream.

I wanted to create something that others found easy to use especially if a beginner but still leave room to use your imagination and create your own style.

I am loving my Journey. 

I will be adding some freebies in the up and coming weeks as well as plenty more digital files.  By downloading my freebies & my digital kits you are agreeing 

to terms of use: MUST BE printed and made into a physical item KEEPING under 350 units per year . 

Thank you everyone for your continued support you are all stars. xx


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